Affiliated Membership

Affiliated membership provides professional recognition of the achievement, value and capability of those who have qualified via our non-chartered route.

Entry requirements

Individuals not wanting to pursue either of the two chartered qualifications can opt to apply for, or study towards gaining, the Affiliated class of membership. 

This pathway will provide you with membership (non-chartered) of both Governance NZ and the global body - The Chartered Governance Institute. 

Affiliated members can opt to pursue full chartered membership at any stage by enrolling on the International Chartered Governance Programme.

You can qualify as an Affiliated member without any requirement to study if you hold a recognised professional or pre-professional qualification (or have completed any other recognised professional development) and have at least 2-years of relevant work experience.

If the above does not apply to you then you can be admitted by successfully completing the Corporate Governance course from the Qualifying Programme and:

  • You hold a recognised professional or pre-professional qualification, but have less than 1-year relevant work experience, or
  • You hold a recognised tertiary qualification in an unrelated discipline and have between 1 to 2 years of relevant work experience, or
  • You do not hold any tertiary qualification approved by Governance NZ but have more than 2-years relevant work experience.

Affiliate Member Application Form 2023-2024.pdf

Contact Sandra Cohen to see if you qualify for Affiliated membership.
Visit the education pages for full information on the qualifying programme

Professional recognition

Affiliated membership is denoted by the use of the post-nominals CG (Affiliated) and acknowledges your commitment to our code of professional ethics and conduct and to keeping your skills up-to-date with continuing professional development.

Benefits of becoming an Affiliate Member

  • All member benefits
  • Access to the Resources Centre

    • International reports and surveys

    • Thought Leaderships Reports

    • GNZ Quarterly technical briefings and GNZ Monthly newsletter

  • Global connection

    • Automatic Member of CGI

    • Access global e-community

    • Access to global passport

    • Access to the Mentoring Support Programme

  • International recognition

    • As a Chartered or Affiliated member, you belong to an international governance community and if you take the opportunity to live and work in another country, your membership is transferable across any of the nine divisions of the Chartered Governance Institute.