New doors are about to open for governance professionals!

Following a review of the International Qualifying Standard – the framework that underpins our qualification in New Zealand - we are pleased to announce some significant changes to our education programme are just around the corner!

From August 2019 a new professional designation of Chartered Governance Professional will sit alongside that of Chartered Secretary.

The introduction of Affiliated Membership as a new class of non-chartered membership will provide professional recognition of the achievement, value and capability of those who have qualified via our non-chartered route. This pathway is open to those who have passed three prescribed modules from the PEP.

The new qualifying programme trains students in more relevant subject areas, offers greater support by design and will create graduates eligible to use both chartered designations on achieving the requisite work experience.

We believe that these changes will open more doors for more people into the growing world of governance.

Contact the Education Executive, Lee Edmands to discuss the next step in your governance career!