Introducing our 2021 Associate Members

Introducing our new Associate Members

Congratulations to our newest Associate Members, who have recently graduated from the Professional Education Programme and have achieved chartered status. It has been particularly challenging for this cohort of students who have often been required to juggle the demands of working from home and the home-schooling of young children while simultaneously completing their studies...but resilience and sheer determination has ensured a well-deserved outcome. We wish all of our new members the greatest success as they pursue a rewarding career in governance!

Please join us in acknowledging and congratulating all of our new Associate Members for 2021...

Jane Bishop ACGAuckland
Lynnette Brown ACGAuckland
Meleane Burgess ACGHamilton
Karen Cargill ACGWellington
Lydia Cook ACGAuckland
Fabrizio Ferraro ACGAuckland
Rebecca Fletcher ACGAuckland
Joy Houghting ACGHamilton
Anna Huang ACGAuckland
Iley Joblin ACGAuckland
Shane Johnstone ACGAuckland
Gaurav Kumar ACGIndia
Simon Lambourne ACGAuckland
Agnes Lim ACGAuckland
Andri Lyon ACGWellington
Angus Ogilvie ACGAuckland
Janese Priergaard-Petersen ACGSouthland
Michael Scurrah ACGAustralia
Mahima Suri ACGWellington
Belinda Wilson ACGWellington


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