Branch Committee Bylaws 2022

Governance New Zealand Branch Committee Bylaws 2022

The Governance New Zealand Branch Committee Bylaws from 2016 have been reviewed with input from the Branch Committees and amendments are proposed.

A summary of the proposed amendments are:

  1. Providing clarity about Branch boundaries and who are branch members.
  2. Reducing the maximum number of members on the Branch Committee from ten to eight with the retiring Chair and any GNZ Board members in the Branch Committee boundary as ex-officio Committee Members.
  3. Defining the roles of Branch Chair and Branch Secretary.
  4. Including that the Branch Secretary is a member of the Branch Committee.
  5. Providing information about the administration of the Branch Committee and its meetings.
  6. The inclusion of the use of virtual platforms for meetings including AGMs.
  7. Removing service of meeting notices by mail, with service being by email only.
  8. Clarifying quorums for meetings.
  9. Changes to incorporate plain language.
  10. Updating the format.

The amended Bylaws can be viewed here

The tracked changes version of the Bylaws can be viewed here

Approval of the amendments to the Bylaws requires a resolution passed at the Branch AGM by a majority of two-thirds present at the meeting.

The Notice of the Branch Committee AGM includes the following resolution.

  1. The amendments to the Governance New Zealand Branch Committee Bylaws 2022 are approved.

Julie Hardaker FCG FGNZ
Governance NZ Chairperson

28 October 2022