Sophia Sattar

executive committee member

Sophia is a qualified CA with more than 12 years of experience in Finance and Management specializing in the construction industry. Sophia has completed her BBUS and is currently doing her MBA at Massey University. She is also a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Managers NZ and a part of the super-diversity top 100 board-ready members through the Ministry of Ethnic communities.

She believes in consciously crafting our future by deciding what we want to become. She believes we can do this through creativity and by surrounding ourselves with people that can attribute to the skills that we want to acquire. Having a growth mindset encourages women to build grit. She gets motivated by adding value to her workplace, network group, and the wider community. Supporting & Empowering women is her long-term passion. she believes that the ability to learn is not fixed and it can change with your effort.

She is really looking forward to helping people from diverse ethnic backgrounds to bridge the gap of gender inequality in leadership and governance roles.