Our top student shares how PEP made her more confident

We spoke to Danel Le Roux, one of our top students from the first semester of the 2022 Professional Education Programme, about how this course gave her confidence to ask questions.

Why did you decide to study with Governance NZ?

I've been following Governance NZ for a few years now and knew that it would be a good place to continue my studies. I initially wanted to enrol for the Affiliated Membership only, but after my enquiries was told that I qualified for the full Professional Education Programme. This allows me to obtain an international Chartered Qualification.

You've previously mentioned that the course offered you flexibility to study around your career and lifestyle, could you elaborate further?

Studying while working full time is challenging. I read up about studying through Governance NZ and all the information was very detailed, I noted that I needed a minimum of 6 hours a week study time which I could fit in around my work schedule while still enjoying a relatively balanced lifestyle. Studying remotely is also an advantage, as well as the option to attend the online workshops.

Can you explain how the course helped/s in your role?

We have a good system in place at work, however the course is helping me to ask questions with confidence and looking at ways of improving the current governance systems.

What were your key takeaways from the course?

My key takeaway from the Corporate Governance course is understanding governance processes in place and learning how businesses have been more focused on incorporating governance in their operations.

What advice would you give someone who is considering the course?

You will not regret enrolling in this course. The enrolment process is easy and quick, the learning modules are very detailed and the workshops are helpful. The tutors take the time to listen to your questions and have a lot of knowledge to share in each session.