About Membership

Membership is open to people from all backgrounds and experiences because governance itself is wide in scope.

Membership provides access to a global community of 43,000 governance and risk management professionals working across public, private and not for profit sectors.

We are the only New Zealand provider of the globally accredited International Chartered Governance Programme providing a qualification as a governance professional and as a company secretary, and we provide a range of governance training and study options through short courses.

Our purpose is to support our members with their lifelong governance journey and for members and their boards to be the best they can be.

Why become a member?

  • Upskill and progress you governance career through education and training
  • Standout from the competition with your governance knowledge and qualifications
  • Stay up to date with international trends
  • Be globally connected to our 43,000+ strong professional network and keep up to date with resources and what is happening around the world
  • Become a chartered member and access the global passport and enjoy the benefits of members of any Chartered Governance Institute Divisions around the world
  • Obtain global recognition by qualifying as a Chartered Governance Professional
  • Access our education and training programmes at discounted rates

Membership Categories

There are four levels of membership which suit every kind of governance and risk professionals from Directors to CEOs, and Risk Managers to Company Secretaries.

There are two categories of chartered membership, which is generally obtained through completing the International Chartered Governance Programme. But there are many other pathways to becoming a chartered member depending on your prior study, work experience and existing professional memberships.

Chartered Members and Affiliates come with internationally recognised postnominals of either CG or ACG or FCG and the Chartered Secretary designation.

To discuss what membership category is best for you, contact our Membership Manager, Adi Alderson at 027 217 7958 or adi.alderson@cginz.org

Membership Pathway

CGI NZ Member

This membership is open to anyone involved in governance, risk and compliance roles or company secretarial work, who want access to industry-related information, education and networking opportunities without completing the formal governance qualifications or acquiring chartered membership. There are no qualifying requirements.


For aspiring governance or risk practitioners looking to expand their knowledge. You can qualify as an Affiliated Member without any requirement to study if you hold a recognised professional or pre-professional qualification (or have completed any other recognised professional development) and have at least 2-years of relevant work experience. Postnominals gained.

Chartered Associate

You can qualify as an Associate and be Chartered if you have between three and five years of recognised experience and you complete the requirements of the International Qualifying Programme of between four and six subjects, depending on prior qualifications. Postnominals gained.

Chartered Fellow

For top-tier professionals with at least eight years’ experience and relevant academic experience. You can qualify as a Fellow and be Chartered if you have more than five years of recognised experience and you complete the requirements of the International Chartered Governance Programme (ICGP) of between four and six subjects, depending on prior qualifications. Postnominals gained.

Global Passport

Do you need to get up to speed on what is happening across the globe?

Do you need to know about regulatory requirements or the latest governance trends in jurisdictions other than your own?

The Global Passport is available to chartered members to enjoy the benefits of membership of the Chartered Governance Institute’s network or global Divisions.

It is easy to apply and get started with the following steps -

  1. Download the terms and conditions and application form here.
  2. Fill it in, scan and email it to your home Division for verification.
  3. When verification is completed, email it to the membership officer of the Division that you are applying to by clicking on the relevant link below. It’s that easy!
  4. The Division you are applying to should reply to you within 3 business days on any next steps

Be part of the conversation. Be part of the community.

Open to people of all backgrounds interested in governance; whether you’re an existing member or not – join us!